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How Education Can Make or Break Staff Buy-In

How Education Can Make or Break Staff Buy-In This is a scenario that many decision-makers have found themselves in: you’ve pinpointed an operational issue within the company and set out to fix it. Perhaps you’ve noticed how busy your managers are between training, scheduling their frontline staff, and managing client relations. So, you set out […]

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Using Flexible Reports For Improved Budgeting

Businesses can use flexible reports to manage finances with budgeted numbers. Generally, these reports contain a series of categories, including salaries, sales, wages, and expenses. These reports are adjustable depending on the company’s needs, staff changes, or unexpected expenses. This gives directors and management teams a wider picture of their companies’ financial performance and forecast […]

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Why Centralized Scheduling?

We Need Centralized Scheduling, and Here’s Why Experiencing burnout is a recognized issue among frontline staff, and the problems caused by burnout affect everyone on the team, from the managers to HR and, of course, the frontline workers themselves. One of the leading factors leading to burnout is overwork, and the extra strain of having […]

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Meditation for Performance

IS IT ALL HIPPY – HOOHAH?……..FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. You slog, you toil, you push. Whether you’re training for a Spartan race or simply doing what needs to be done at work, home, and family. it’s a given that you’ll need to sweat for success. Starting a mediation ritual doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Below […]

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Management toward Recovery during a Crisis

Several weeks ago we were in Survival mode with the COVID-19 announcement, then given the notice to self isolate and wear PPE / not wear PPE just to make things even more confusing. For some people, their first reaction when the news came was reptilian in nature. They became frozen and held their breath, imagine […]

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The Show Must Go On

I was listening to a podcast just the other day and the topic was about modern-day resilience compared to a time around WWII. There was a reference of maturity and it had me thinking about my two children 14 & 13 years old. The war-time maturity was unlike today. The younger platoon members would call […]

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