GoEasyCare Cuts CL-GLWL HR’s Scheduling Time by 75%

Community Living – Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln CL-GLWL, a non-profit community organization, provides a variety of support and services to approximately 350 children and adults who live with an intellectual disability.

Now more than ever, Debbie Bray, Lauren Misale, and Rebecca Jackson appreciate the 7.5 days that GoEasyCare’s scheduling and automated shift filling have freed up every month.

“Thanks to GoEasyCare, on a monthly basis, we’re able to dedicate an additional 1.5 weeks to value-added management such as recruitment, candidate interviews, checking references, onboarding, performance appraisals, and training,” says Lauren, human resources scheduler, Community Living – Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln (CL-GLWL).

As HR professionals, Lauren, Rebecca Jackson, HR Assistant/Payroll & Benefits, and Debbie Bray, Human Resources Director, add more value to CL-GLWL and the children and adults the DSPs support now that GoEasyCare handles the routine, administrative tasks that include everything from creating schedules to staff reminders and sick call-ins.